28 Oct 2015
Horris Hill Squash Championships

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 U11 Competition Draw  O11 Competition Draw  2015-2016 Squash Champions

With a quieter Wednesday upon us, the school took the opportunity to stage the first Squash Championships it has held for a while.

The enthusiasm of the boys to take part in the competition was very impressive and we had high numbers of entries in both the under 11 and over 11 competitions. It should be remembered that this is a fairly specialised sport and those boys who put themselves out of their comfort zone for this should be highly commended.

Special mentions must go to Barnaby Talbot-Williams who only lost a couple of points throughout the 4 rounds of competition. In the over 11 category there was some very good squash played and close matches between Harry Cowling and Thomas Wilson, George Patrikios and Toby Talbot-Williams where games to be remembered. The last match was very fitting of a final and was rammed with high quality rallies.

Congratulations go to our two champions, Giles Hocking and Barnaby Talbot-Williams and also to all those boys who were brave enough to put themselves forward and whom without, this competition could not have happened!