06 Sep 2015
Slight change to Thorngrove Fixtures for Wednesday 9th September

We have had to make a slight change to the fixture card for the block fixture against Throngrove to ensure that all players involved get the very best experience possible. The card for Wednesday now looks as follows:

Thorngrove 1st XI v Horris Hill 1st XI at Thorngrove

Thorngrove 2nd IX v Horris Hill 3rd IX at Horris Hill

Thorngrove 3rd IX v Horris Hill 4th IX at Horris Hill

Thorngrove U11A VII v Horris Hill U11A VII at Thorngrove

Thorngrove U11B VII v Horris Hill U11B VII at Thorngrove

Thorngrove U11C VII v Horris Hill U11C VII at Horris Hill

Thorngrove U11D VII v Horris Hill U11D VII at Horris Hill

Thorngrove U11E VII v Horris Hill U11E VII at Horris Hill

We are all very much looking forward to the first kick off of the season!